Muletown's on the Move

Muletown's on the Move

It’s crazy how a space can creep into your soul. It could be a church, a bar, a front porch. When you find a place to belong, it’s life giving.

For the last 9 years that place, for us, has been Muletown’s cafe in downtown Columbia. Sometimes it feels more like a clubhouse than a place of business, where a quick stop for coffee can easily turn into a lost hour with a friend. The laughs, tears, and everything in between that we’ve shared there with our pals are countless, and are some of our favorite memories. Thank you.

It’s a little bittersweet (but mostly sweet) to let you know that we’ll be moving our cafe into a larger space two doors down from our current cafe. It’s a short distance, but a big move that we’re very excited for, and feel so good about being able to give to our town. More space, more seats, and many more good times!

The cafe (hopes to be open) in mid-May (🤞🤞🤞) See ya there.


  • Austin

    Hi! Austin from Muletown, here.

    @Sheila The coffee will not be changing. Don’t you worry! Our cafe will be moving just two doors down to a larger space. We’re currently in the construction phase!

    @Deborah Our current cafe will stay open until the new one is. Stop by whenever!

    @George I thought we were in the south😂 We’ll catch you up whenever you’re in town.

  • Sheila

    Love your coffee. You can move but don’t change your coffee. What building are you moving to ?

  • Deborah Theriault

    Will you be open in the interim? I visit a few times a year and ALWAYS stop in at least once for coffee!

  • George Azzariti

    I’ll personally be in on the 14th to here more about this shift in location.
    Being from the South, I’m aware that you people up north tend to move quickly as the weather dictates.
    I remain,
    George Azzariti

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