Discover Single Origin Coffee from Olancho with Muletown

Discover Single Origin Coffee from Olancho with Muletown
Standing Strong with Tres Fronteres: Muletown's Commitment to Single Origin Coffee
At Muletown Coffee, we are thrilled to feature single origin coffee from Tres Fronteres farm, managed by brother and sister duo Louis and Yolani Torres. Located in the heart of Olancho, in Honduras, their family-run farm has navigated through the challenges of the coffee market with resilience and dedication. Our partnership aims to bring stability and growth, ensuring the Torres family’s efforts are recognized in every cup of coffee we serve.
Bridging Tables: Connecting Coffee Worlds
Our ability to connect with the Torres family was facilitated by Bridging Tables, an organization dedicated to connecting coffee farmers with roasters across the globe. Their efforts to shorten the coffee buying chain through direct trade have been crucial in helping us establish a direct and meaningful relationship with the Torres family, ensuring that every batch of coffee is as exceptional as the last.
Navigating the Storms of Coffee Market Volatility
The coffee market is notoriously unpredictable, with global economic forces causing price fluctuations that can significantly impact farmers like the Torres siblings. Through our direct trade practices, we strive to provide a more stable income for our partners, which helps mitigate the impact of market unpredictability.
Handcrafted Coffee: A Symphony of Flavors from Olancho
After earning his engineering degree, Louis Torres made a pivotal decision to return to his roots, driven by a profound commitment to his family and their coffee farm. This choice speaks volumes about his passion for coffee farming and dedication to continuing his family's legacy. The coffee from Tres Fronteres is meticulously handcrafted by small batch coffee roasters, featuring vibrant tasting notes of wild blackberry, lemon, and brown sugar—each sip a testament to the rich soil of Olancho and the Torres family’s careful cultivation.
A Future Filled with Promise
The partnership between Muletown and the Torres family at Tres Fronteres is more than just business. It's a shared dedication to showcasing the unique characteristics of Olancho coffee and ensuring the prosperity of those who cultivate it. We look forward to continuing this journey, bringing the finest coffee experiences to our customers.

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