About Heart & Harvest

Heart and Harvest is a program that came out of our 2023 visit to Honduras. Initially our trip's intention was for us to learn about the growing practices of coffee farmers, but it quickly became so much more.

Meeting local coffee farmers and spending time in their communities revealed to us the challenges they face, including fluctuating global coffee prices that can leave the farmers without enough money to afford even basic necessities, and sometimes even bankrupt the farms. This issue extends worldwide.

Our commitment is to finding dedicated, community-oriented farmers and establishing long lasting partnerships that improve the lives of the farmers and farms, ensuring the continued production of skillfully grown, delicious coffee.

Currently, over half of the coffee Muletown roasts is sourced from partnered farms.
Partnered Farmer
Kilveth Iban Bertrand

Kilveth, a Honduran coffee farmer in the Olancho region, carries on his family's legacy by tending to their farm alongside his trusted partner, Raffa. A devoted husband and father, Kilveth aspires to elevate both the quantity and quality of his coffee production. Recently, he has planted the coveted Geisha coffee variety, eagerly anticipating the day he can harvest its exceptional coffee cherries.

Partnered Farmer
Jose Jacobo Medina

Jose Jacobo Medina from Guaimaca, Francisco Morazan, has transformed his coffee farm, Finca Medina, into a model of efficiency and quality, following guidance from IHCAFE. His dedication is evident in the farm's lush coffee plants and high-quality beans, which recently contended in the Gold Cup competition. This success story highlights the impact of good advice, hard work, and effective partnerships.

Partnered Farmer
Louis and Yolani Torres

Louis and Yolani Torres of Tres Fronteres farm in Olancho, have persistently improved their coffee practices, only to face setbacks due to the volatile coffee market. Their story illustrates the challenges many coffee farmers face with fluctuating prices. Despite these hurdles, their commitment is evident, with Louis returning to the farm after engineering school to help his family. This dedication to their community and farm, where they use mules for transportation, fostered a partnership aimed at providing stability and enhancing coffee.