Good Tidings

Good Tidings

12 oz bag of coffee


This year, our Christmas blend 'Good Tidings' is something truly special.

During a visit to Honduras earlier this year, we had the privilege of meeting several small farm coffee producers. They expressed their desire to improve their farms and the lives of their families and communities. However, the unpredictable nature of coffee prices made such improvements challenging.

Their story deeply resonated with us, as these farmers are an integral part of our global coffee community. So, we've partnered with these farmers, offering fair and consistent pay to support their improvements. In return, they've given us a delightful coffee with a creamy body and delightful notes of caramel, brown sugar, and nougat.

Whether you choose to enjoy it with friends or savor it in moments of quiet reflection, we hope 'Good Tidings' serves as a heartwarming reminder of the positive impact that can be achieved when we all work together.

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