Top 5 - Before Summer's Over

Top 5 - Before Summer's Over

Hold on to your flip flops, summertime is almost over. Our sunburns have faded, and now we look onward to the fast approaching cooler autumn weather. But if you’re looking to squeeze a few more drops out of your summer, we’ve compiled a list that’ll help you do just that.

Behold, Muletown’s top 5 Things to do before your summer’s over:

1. Cornhole - Is there any sport as enjoyable, while requiring such little athleticism as cornhole? Probably not. Grab a few friends and get to tossing.

Pro tip: It’s all in the wrists. 

2. Banana Split - It’s a classic for a reason. Does it really get any better than three scoops of icecream over two halves of a banana? Don’t forget to pile on the whipped cream and chocolate sauce!


3. Hike to Waterfall - Summertime hiking is totally underrated. Throw on your Chacos, hit the trails, and dip your toes in a little swimming hole. If you’re local, we strongly recommend checking out Stillhouse Hollow Falls (it’s just a 20 minute drive from our cafe!) 

Stillhouse Hollow Falls


4. Grill Out - Charcoal? Propane? Doesn’t matter. Just light a fire and get to grilling. Go check out our pals over at Tallgrass Meat Co. They won’t steer you wrong–cow pun intended.

Tallgrass Meat Co.


5. Summer Sunrise - Give that snooze button a rest, and go watch the sun show off a little. If you need some help waking up, we’re giving 15% off steeped packs for the rest of summer when you use coupon code: STEEPED15 (expires 9/22)

And, because everything is better with a soundtrack, we made you this nifty "End of Summer" playlist.


CLICK HERE to check it out.


Have a good one!

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